What is EFT Tapping?

EFT is short for “Emotional Freedom Techniques”, or “Tapping”. It is a simple, flexible and powerful approach to swiftly improve your own well-being and that of your clients.

As many as 12 million people throughout the world have tried EFT, and many continue to use it every day. You may have seen it featured on the Dr. Oz Show, or used by Ylana Van Sante on her OWN network TV show. Others who endorse EFT are Deepak Chopra, Cheryl Richardson, the late Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bruce Lipton. It is highly effective as more than 50 peer-reviewed, studies published in major medical and psychological journals attest. A review of published EFT research is here.

EFT Tapping is a brief exposure, evidence-based therapeutic method that quickly and effectively releases the negative emotional impacts of stressful and traumatic events on a person’s life.

Decades of scientific research have shown that highly stressful and traumatic experiences, especially those in childhood, have negative effects on an individual’s self-esteem and even affect their ability to lead healthy lives. The Adverse Childhood Events study (ACE) has been showing this conclusively for more than 20 years.

The ACE study was a joint venture of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Kaiser Permanente. The ACE study demonstrated that traumatic childhood experiences can affect people throughout their lives with mental health issues, addictions – even patterns of chronic physical disease and early death. A simple google search will bring up dozens of papers presented to major medical organizations in the US describing these findings.

Trapped emotions associated with traumatic memories seem to lead to unconscious destructive beliefs and patterns of behavior, which we often think of as self-sabotage. Clearly, these can affect an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health, the quality of their relationships and their ability to live satisfying and productive lives.

I know this sounds so very different than Western Medicine or standard psychotherapy that you’re used to. The procedure actually looks a little silly when you first see it. Being a natural-born skeptic, I scoffed at it at first. But when you experience the incredible freedom from those problems that have dogged you all your life, you won’t care about it looking silly.

My first experience with EFT was a 45 minute session with a video tape that totally erased my lifelong fear of dentists and dental work. After doing this, I easily consulted an oral surgeon and had the oral surgery done that I had put off for five years. Without this experience, I probably would have remained skeptical. I certainly would have more trouble with my teeth!

This experience put me on a journey of wonder and discovery. EFT changed how I do therapy and what I believe about how people can heal. Once you experience its remarkable healing power, EFT will help you deal with big and little challenges for the rest of your life. EFT has changed my life. I hope you’ll explore it for yourself!

Here's what may happen in the body. A single or repeated traumatic event, belief or memory gets "stuck" in the body’s tissues. Many
Trauma experts believe that it’s due to the sudden surge of enormous amounts of stress chemicals that always accompanies exposure to
threatening or traumatic situations. We all know that something happens that burns parts or all of the traumatic event into the mind and soul.

The problem is that, afterward, the body often has trouble clearing out those chemicals. This disrupts the normal passage of the electrical impulses through the tissues, causing the repeated emotions of fear, anger, sadness and/or shame to surge through them, every time they are reminded, consciously or unconsciously, of the traumatic event.

Physicians and mental health professionals have tried a wide variety of interventions to mitigate the toxic after effects of traumatic events, with limited success. But it turns out that, according to more than 50 studies published in respected, peer-reviewed medical and psychological journals around the world, EFT Tapping is a relatively rapid and highly effective method used to treat people with these problems. In addition, newer published studies point to the EFT Tapping being helpful to increase general life satisfaction and even reduce food cravings to assist with weight loss.

Almost anyone can learn the basic forms of EFT to use it with themselves as an emotional regulation tool for a variety of stresses. In the hands of a trained practitioner, it can help resolve even more complex problems.

During the EFT Tapping process, the client holds a specific distressing memory in their mind while saying certain statements and gently tapping specific acupuncture points. If their feelings are too strong, a skilled therapist can help them tap the emotion down without using words.

Research suggests that this simple procedure may reduce levels of stress hormones, which stimulates the natural healing process in the body. It is common after a Tapping session for the client to report feeling lighter with partial or complete relief from the distressful emotions associated with the event. Often they have new insight into their situation and have significant shifts in how they understand the original event.

The EFT Universe training and certification program is based on “Clinical EFT,” a consistent and reliable protocol supported by this extensive base of evidence and clinical practice, and in conformity with the APA standards. EFT Universe trainings are accredited for CE/CME for doctors (American Medical Association), nurses (American Nurses Credentialing Commission), psychologists (American Psychological Association), social workers (NASWB) and many other professional organizations.

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