EFT Universe Certified Trauma Trainings

Resolving Trauma & Post-Trauma Stress with EFT Tapping

This hands-on EFT Tapping training is designed to help EFT Coaches and Therapists to better identify post-trauma effects in their clients and to competently apply EFT so as to help clients resolve those effects without risking retraumatization. Pre-requisite is EFT Level 1 or equivalent. 

This training counts as a 2nd Level 2 for EFTU Certification

Instructor: Judith Frost, LiCSW, EFT Expert-2
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

 Resolving Trauma & PTS Training Classes for 2017

Can be taken concurrently with Complex Trauma (if offered) – see below

Tacoma, WA

July 15-16 (Early Bird until June 20)  Register Here

October 27 (Early Bird until October 7)  Register Here

Psychological trauma is now recognized as a risk factor in both psychological and physical problems. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study among others, has demonstrated the strong tie between early psychological trauma and later emergence of physical and psychological conditions, including an increased risk for suicide.

Despite the pervasive nature of trauma and its consequences, specific training in trauma treatment has not been consistently offered for psychotherapists, mental health counselors, social service workers or coaches.

“Excellent workshop, excellent teacher, great teaching style! Much helpful background information and some
very helpful, practical tools. Brava!” VB

This Training is intended to help EFT practitioners understand the many faces of trauma, and how to address it in an effective and competent way. The treatment portion will focus using Clinical EFT to reduce and/or eliminate the Post-Trauma symptoms clients may be experiencing. You will have ample opportunity to practice your new skills in a safe environment during this lively, experiential Training.

Competently performed EFT breaks the well-worn neural pathways that determine the reactions clients have to triggers in their environment. As such, this specialized Trauma Training is essential for every EFT therapist and coach.

     “This workshop should be required for EFT certification! Judith brought so many things together for me in a way I had not understood before. Judith is a wonderful trainer, and the information and experience I gained are worth at least 3 times the price!” PS, Licensed Therapist


Treating Complex Trauma with EFT Tapping

PreRequisite:   Resolving Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress with EFT Training

This training counts as a 2nd Level 2 for EFTU Certification

Instructor: Judith Frost, LiCSW, EFT Expert-2
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Tacoma, WA

Treating Complex Trauma with EFT Training Classes for 2017

October 29-30  Register Here

Complex Trauma, also called PTSD-C or Disorders of Extreme Stress (DESNOS), is quite different from simple Post Traumatic Stress in its causes and treatment. Complex Trauma results from chronic, repetitive stress from which there is no chance of escape. Simple PTS, on the other hand, more often results from single discrete events, several discrete events or short-term exposure to extreme stress or trauma. Treating Complex Trauma is fraught with opportunities to trigger abreactions and retraumatization.

Since the introduction of PTSD in the DSM-III, research looking at the effects of trauma on people has shown that the diagnosis of PTSD captures only a limited amount of post-traumatic effects. Two critical elements in influencing survivors’ outcomes are the developmen­tal level at which the trauma occurs, and whether it occurs in the context of a relationship with a care­giver or intimate partner.

For example, survivors of car accidents or natural disasters often have quite different clinical presentations and treatment needs than those who experienced ongoing abuse, deprivation, and/or neglect at the hands of their caregivers. These survivors are often easily triggered with a fragile hold on normal functioning. They often present with major personality disorders. EFT Practitioners who mistake PTS-C for simple PTS can find themselves mired in difficulty, and their clients experiencing unnecessary and sometimes dangerous, pain and confusion.

“OMG! What a fabulous workshop.” JB, PhD

Survivors of early interpersonal trauma who develop more complex and difficult to treat symptoms need to be approached with great care and expertise. It is essential that EFT Practitioners understand the difference between “simple” Post Traumatic Stress and the effects of Complex Trauma. This Training is specifically intended to help practitioners understand the many faces of complex trauma, and how to address them safely and competently with Clinical EFT.

“If you do EFT, you need this training. Period. End of story!” LJL