EFT Universe Certified Level 2 Training

This Workshop is open to anyone who has completed an EFT Universe Level 1 Training

Can be taken concurrently with Level 1

Register for Tacoma, WA Level 2 September 24-25, 2017 HERE

(Early Bird ends August 31)

In Level 1 you learned the basics of EFT, its development and how to apply it. Level 2begins to prepare you for advanced practice and certification. For details of the EFT Universe certification process click here.

EFT Tapping is “the evidence-based power therapy of the 21st century.” With the demands of managed care and the need to be ever more efficient, using effective therapies is even more important. Read the extensive research conducted according to APA clinical guidelines here. This two-day Training expands on the EFT Tapping basics you learned in Level 1. You’ll see more demonstrations and videos and will learn additional techniques. You will also engage in supervised practice sessions to help you build competence and confidence in using EFT Tapping.

Advanced Training – EFT Level 2

This two-day interactive training builds on the fundamentals of Clinical EFT™ you learned in Level 1. You’ll learn skills to work effectively with clients and deepen your your ability to work with more complex issues.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be discussing and experiencing:

• The Gentle Techniques
  Chasing the Pain
• Clearing Limiting Beliefs
• Uncovering Core Issues
• Core Issues and Physical Symptoms
• Working over the Telephone, Skype, Zoom, etc
• Using EFT in Groups
• Using EFT with Children
• Scope of Practice, Informed Consent and the EFT Ethics Code

Register for Level 2 workshops Tacoma, WA

September 24-25, 2017 HERE